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   Mar 14

Soft Vs Hard Landscaping

When designing the perfect outdoor setting for your home, the terms ‘Soft landscaping’ and ‘hard landscaping’ are ones that are frequently used to describe the two different types of landscaping. While hard landscaping refers to construction materials used in the process like stones, paving and patios; natural elements like trees, flowers, and grass are referred to as soft.

Many are turning to combining both soft and hard landscaping to achieve the perfect garden. An abundance of paving and stones can transform an area into a concrete jungle, while having a garden comprised of all soft landscaping can reduce the size of the space; and has the potential to be a headache to maintain.

Designing an outdoor space is something that many people understandably require some external assistance. Every person is different when it comes to the most important element that they seek for their property; regardless of the motivation, we would strongly encourage knowing what you want, then going to a professional for extra assistance. If you want a fountain to be the feature, then you work to ensure that everything else isn’t too eye catching.

Merging soft and hard landscaping has the potential to provide a welcoming area with aesthetic benefits; combining paving, bright flowers and pebble elements is a great way to not only look appealing, but to also minimise the amount of time spent in the garden.

For those that entertain frequently, many tend to go for more hard landscaping than soft; water features and sculptures draw attention to specific regions, while, paving is not only great to define a walkway, it can also create an open space for a table and chairs.

The amount of soft landscaping all depends on the quantity of time you have to water and nurture the area. For those that have minimal space in the backyard, pot plants are a great way to decorate a region; if you have emptiness in certain parts of the garden, planting vibrant flowers will transform the area.

When contacting a professional landscaper to help ensure the process runs smoothly, we must stress the importance of remaining in control of your outdoor area. This is going to be your outdoor setting for many years to come, so it’s crucial that every element suits you. Many landscapers are incredibly accommodating and will ensure that every element meets your expectations.  So, there is no need to choose between soft and hard landscaping, the best gardens are those that have a combination of the two.

   Feb 23

Mark Lanning Landscapes

When redoing your garden, it can be annoying when you have to hire different tradespeople to handle various aspects of your outdoor area. At Mark Lanning Landscapes, we’re proud to say that we’re all-rounders; as our philosophy is simple, “To create an outdoor area that is stunning and functional, suiting your home and lifestyle”. The front garden is usually the first element someone notices on a property, so it’s vital that the exterior is up to scratch.

Paving, decking, retaining walls, basic landscaping, in-depth garden renovations and more, we have the skills and experts to provide an unprecedented amount of care throughout all services. Inspiration, motivation, and advice; the assistance that you need we’ll ensure to deliver on everything.

It’s amazing how a minor alteration can have such a large impact; defining the areas that have an uneven surface with retaining walls, or just planting some aesthetically appealing plants will instantly create an environment that is welcoming and lovely.

At Mark Lanning Landscapes, we’re known for our creativity, and will happily have an in-depth discussion in order to thoroughly plan all aspects of the project. Having spent over twenty years in the industry, you can guarantee that all our practices are completed correctly, while upholding the highest of standards.

Throughout the decades, all we seek is to provide the best results; transforming dreams into a reality, we work diligently, as the process is one that may involve an unprecedented amount of time. We don’t rush jobs, having said that, we also don’t take more time than we need, as we understand you have a life to live, and causing as little inconvenience as possible is our end goal.

Focused on working within a specific budget is key in our quest to achieve the most optimum results; with our large amount of experience, we have networked with a number of companies that have provided us with the best landscaping materials.

Enhancing your lifestyle is something that our professional team work hard to achieve; landscaping doesn’t have to be a chore, it can be something to thoroughly enjoy. Once the challenging part of planting and installing elements is over, the simple part is maintaining the region.

We Service The Following Suburbs: Northern Beaches, North Shore, Beacon Hill, Manly, Mona Vale, Mosman & Neutral Bay.

If you seek our landscaping assistance, contact Mark Lanning Landscapes today.

   May 17

Spotting A Dangerous Tree

There can be a number of signs that your tree is in need of a chop, while it may not be completely obvious until you look closely, our handy tips will ensure that you’re able to identify any potential dangers on your property.

When many people hear the phrases “We need to cut down the tree”, there is immediate panic; trees are associated with air, the environment and are earth’s greatest natural resources. While trees can add value to any residential location, some of them can pose a risk to those around. We’re going to discuss some ways to detect trees that may be a hazard.

Not only do branches create structural damage, they can cause death, so it’s important to keep an eye out for indications of distress. Inspecting trees is simple, all you have to do is look at them from all angles, check for cuts or peeling bark and if you have access to binoculars, inspect a tree’s crown for dead wood and brown leaves.

It’s not uncommon for trees to grow on an angle, however, it can become a concern when the tree appears to be on a 45-degree angle. Poor weight distribution or damage to the root may cause the tree to become unstable, while pruning to decrease the pressure placed on the trunk is an idea; the last resort is generally cutting down everything.

For trees with multiple trunks, we highly recommend contacting a professional, as an Arborist will stabilise the split trunks by connecting cable, making it safe during those windy times. While this method can be quite pricey, we suggest doing your research and finding the most affordable and reputable business.

Ultimately, if you’re unsure about a tree in your backyard, for 100% peace of mind, contact an Arborist.


   Sep 01

Landscaping On A Budget

Congratulations, you’ve recently purchased a home, complete with an outdoor area and a large backyard. The only down side of the home is that it needs a serious renovating job outside. From the cracked pavement to the excessive weeds, there are ways to maintain an outdoor area on a budget.
The first thing to do is to decide on a reasonable amount of money that you’re able to afford without going into debt. This amount will be used to fund the changes for the exterior of your property. The next step is to decide on what areas of the garden require the most assistance, if you’re unhappy with the lack of colour, we suggest you purchase some bright and vibrant flowers to spruce up the area. While there are a number of options available at your local hardware store or greenery, it’s important to buy the right type for your lifestyle and climate. Due to Brisbane’s continuous hot weather, we recommend going for flowers that are able to withstand humidity and require full sun, such as Agapanthus, Gazania and Tagetes.
If pulling out weeds is not your cup of tea, then we have an affordable solution that requires barely any maintenance. Synthetic grass is a fantastic option and is favoured among those around Australia who are situated in locations that have water restrictions. No watering, mowing, or dangerous pesticides, artificial turf can be placed anywhere outside. The key is to do your research and find a reputable business that suppliers the most durable turf at the lowest prices.


Paving is able to completely transform the appearance of an area and add some understated elegance. Visiting your local hardware store and purchasing the bricks will allow you to save some money and complete the task yourself. If you require some guidance, ask for some assistance and you’ll be halfway there.

Ensuring that the trees around your property are secure is crucial, especially in areas that receive a large amount of wind. Keeping an eye out for those trees that may appear to be deteriorating and getting them assessed by a qualified arborist will provide peace of mind for you and your family.
Landscaping on a budget may require some extra effort, however the result will most certainly be rewarding in the long term.

If you would like some help from a professional, contact a landscaper today.

   Dec 11

The Jobs Of An Arborist

An Arborist is a qualified person who is highly knowledgeable about plants and also looks after trees. Hiring a tree doctor is an easy process, and you can guarantee that they can provide you with exceptionally thorough services regarding any issues with trees or other plants.

Tree Pruning involves the Arborist deciding on the type of pruning that’s suitable for the tree, to ensure it looks healthy and that the tree isn’t in danger of causing damage.




The job of an Arborist is to determine whether a trees needs to be removed. Even though this is usually the last resort, a thorough examination will be completed of the tree , using their skills and the right equipment to make an informed decision. Removing a tree is a lengthy and dangerous process, and must at all times be completed by a professional.



Usually when there are severe storms, this can cause major destruction to the life of a tree. An Arborist will be called to assess the situation and decide on whether the tree needs to be removed or trimmed, to decrease the damage that the tree might experience in the long-term. Emergency tree care is quite common in states such as Queensland, where strong weather conditions are common.

To prolong the life of a tree, it’s crucial that the tree is planted in the correct area. An Arborist can help select the right type of plants for your property. From homes to parks, schools and more, the tree doctors will ensure to make the right decision.

   Sep 15

Why You Should Hire A Landscaper

Are you thinking about altering the appearance of your outdoor area? Not only does it require an experienced team of landscapers, but having knowledgeable workers will give you peace of mind; knowing that all work that’s been done to your property has been while under the care of an expert.

There are so many elements that can be done to a garden to give it a lift and turn it into a beautiful sanctuary that displays your personal style. The job of a landscaper is to take away all of the stress from the client, following their requests and bringing their vision to life. As with most renovations, there can be at times bumps along the way, garden professionals are trained and have the experience to handle issues that might arise and solve them as best as they see fit.





Depending on the size of your garden, it can take a while to ensure you have all of the elements covered. From laying new grass to selecting the right coloured pavement, choosing flowers that are suitable for the climate you live in and more, there are so many things to take into consideration when you decide to change your outdoor area. Landscapers are here to make your life easier and provide truthful information that will allow you to receive the best results.




There is no need for you to be running off to Bunnings every day, purchasing flowers and dirt, as this is usually the job of a landscaper, to organise all of the materials needed during the process. As soon as the tasks have all been completed, knowing that all tasks have been completed by a professional will give you that peace of mind. Now all you have to do is make an effort to maintain your garden in order to keep it in pristine condition.

   Sep 04

Maintaining Your Lawn

All lawns are different and must be given the maximum amount of care, to ensure that the grass on your property remains in an excellent condition. Usually, your garden is one of the first things that someone will see upon entering your property and is an important element that needs frequent up keeping. If your property has a large amount of grass area towards the front of your home, maintenance is very crucial and must be done at least every couple of weeks.



There are many parts of a garden that require attention, from the lawn to the flowers; hedges and vegetable gardens, there are a range of activities in the garden that must be properly looked after. One element that most people find a little bit of a hassle is lawn mowing, that’s why it’s best to leave cutting the grass to a professional.



Most gardeners will have years’ of experience mowing lawns of all sizes, and have the right tools and machinery to ensure all jobs are completed efficiently. Beyond just mowing the lawn, grass must receive the right nutrients and be looked after; gardeners are the best people to provide the best solutions for the amount of grass and the type you have.

While all gardeners usually have the most efficient lawn mowers, they also have a range of tools that are used to perfect all gardens. From whipper snippers to fertiliser, leave it to the experts to keep your garden in pristine condition.

Often the cost of purchasing a lawn mower, as well as the ongoing costs can be quite a financial burden, not to mention the tools and other materials needed to ensure your lawn looks nice and tidy.

   Jul 23

Tree Removals

Tree removals is a useful service that tames wild trees around homes, removes unsafe branches in public spaces and that removes stumps that are in the way of a landscaping project.  Above All Tree Services provide a range or tree removal services to Sutherland Shire and residents from surrounding NSW areas.  Give them a call if you need any of the following services:


Tree Removal      

Trees that have died or have become infected pose as a safety threat and need to be removed quickly.   Don’t wait for a storm to hit to think about the safety of your home or workplace, act now and call your local Arborist to quickly and efficiently remove hazardous trees.emergency-300x200

Tree Pruning

Tree Pruning is important for the health, look and life of trees and other plant life.  Have the trees on your property pruned professionally every season to avoid safety concerns, breakages, diseases and unsightly overhang.


Stump Grinding

Stumps that remain in the soil once the tree has be removed can re-grow, be a tripping hazard, get in the way of landscaping projects and rot. If a tree rots it can spread diseases and fungus that can effect nearby trees and plants.  Speak to the Statewide Tree Services team today for expert advice and stump grinding in Pennant Hill.


Dead Wood Removal

The removal of dead wood and branches is necessary to improve the look and safety of all properties in Pennant Hills.  When the job is too big to go it alone speak to your local tree removal team.  As well as expertly removing all dead trees – branches and stumps can be turned into mulch for your yard.



Mulching is a natural way to keep much needed water and nutrients in the ground.  Mulch helps stop weeds from growing and adds a naturally aesthetic element to any garden.  Have your old and hazardous branches or stumps turned into mulch for your yard today!


The qualified arborists’ at Above All Tree Services will provide you with excellent care to ensure all customers in Sutherland Shire are safe all year round.


   Jun 23

Looking For A Landscaper? Things You Need To Know

Imagine entering a property, the garden is cut to perfection, the trees have been perfectly trimmed and the hedges are at a suitable height. First impressions are incredibly important and are usually the first thing that someone notices. Gardens are no different; people might think that your home is where the eyes automatically go, however it can also be the front yard.

It’s imperative to find a professional landscaper that’s had plenty of experience dealing with variations of land, as they can provide you with useful information that can assist you in making decisions for your garden. Communication is key in making sure that both the landscaper and the client are on the same page in terms of what the final result is going to look like.




Reliability and trust are two important qualities that most clients look for when searching for the right landscaper. They want to be able to know that their garden is going to be thoroughly looked after and that their vision is been brought to life.

Although having a freshly transformed garden with beautiful flowers and new soil is nice, one of the biggest issues that some people face is the maintenance aspect, where many properties look completely different weeks after receiving a makeover. Plants and trees are living creatures just like us and need to be properly watered and fed with the right nutrients in order to survive.


Blooming flowers in late summer garden flowerbeds


Affordability is also a concern for many, as most people assume that changing your garden will cost an absolute fortune. Shop around and do your homework, always get a couple quotes and make your decision based on that.

Gardens most definitely set the scenery, so if you’re looking for a change, or just want some maintenance work done, don’t put it off any longer.

So, if you’re looking for an expert landscaper in the suburb of Darwin and the surrounding locations, contact Xtreme Garden Care today. The highly skilled team offer a 24 hour service and will provide you with free quotes.

   Apr 07

Asphalt Paving

Paving can completely alter the appearance of your home, whether it is cleaning the pavement to give your driveway a fresher look, or replacing the old and dated concrete. There is always a reason to change the way your driveway looks. From moving house to fixing an out-dated pavement, there are many different types of materials to suit your taste.

asphalt paving 2

A couple of factors when selecting your pavement of choice come into play to ensure the concrete is suitable for your property. Cost is one of the main issues people have when selecting the right concrete. If that’s a concern, asphalt paving is the best option for you. Mostly used by road engineers, as well as commercial and residential properties, it is known to be a durable concrete, which won’t leave a dint in your wallet.

While asphalt paving is durable and suitable for all climates, it is low maintenance and comes in a range of different colours. While asphalt paving is sure to save you money in the maintenance department, you also avoid having to pull out weeds and very rarely need to clean it. People with brick and cobblestone paving run the risk of having to pull out unwanted weeds a couple of years down the track. Pesky weeds still find space to grow, so if that’s a concern for you, your best option is to go with the asphalt paving.


asphalt paving

Some pavements may look nice and lovely with the bricks all lined up nicely, however due to Mother Nature, you run the risk of having to constantly clean in between the bricks; as it’s easier for dirt to get caught. The benefits of asphalt paving most definitely outweigh the negatives, a skid-free concrete that does the job of giving your driveway a smooth looking surface? What’s not to love? There is no surprise that this type of concrete is the most popular, roads, playgrounds, footpaths and more.

Although the process in which asphalt paving is created might initially be a long one, it is worth all the work, to avoid having to continuously maintain your pavement. Regardless of the type of paving you are having, it is essential to remove all the material where the driveway will be located. Once the surface is clear, heavy machinery is used to smooth out any excess bumps. Once this process is completed, it takes no time to layer the asphalt and let it set.


Asphalt concrete gives you a nice final finish, while also not taking away the attention from the focus point, which is your home. You wouldn’t want a driveway so detailed that it becomes the only thing people look at. Driveways are meant to be a welcoming lead up to what we want to emphasis, which is your home. A driveway, is like an entree, if you like, where it is meant to give you a taste as to what’s to come, once you enter the home, main is served and if you’re lucky, dessert will be the garden.

So whatever paving you decide for your driveway, just me sure you are selecting the right one for your lifestyle.