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   Mar 21

Decorating around a new pool, the options.

Have you just given in to the idea of purchasing an in ground pool? We all the know the excitement and worry that comes with making a big purchase such as this one, but luckily we embrace all new shiny things pretty quickly. However making the choice of what pool to purchase is another lengthy process, it involves professional advice, design and focus.  First and foremost you want you pool to match your outdoor surroundings, and in making this choice you are likely to re-consider your surroundings. You may end up deciding to re-design you whole backyard to suit the pool, sometimes this can be inevitable in terms of space and infrastructure. So what’s out there for pool and backyard design?

Ornamental decoration…

If you want to make the design of pool a really different and unique, then ornamental structures or pieces are exactly what you need. Included in this category I’d include specific ceramic pieces that you either have separate to the pool structure, or attached to feature walls. These can be pretty much anything, statues of pure design, or actual statues of animals. I’ll also include the likes of rocks as detached ornamental pieces, they can easily be placed around the pool area, however this has very obvious risks. If you have young children or over active dare devils in your family, probably best to steer clear from anything too sharp around the pool.  Dressing around the pool can be very creative, so keep your eyes peeled at all sorts of ornaments or pieces.

Natural decoration…

It’s almost unheard of not to put some greenery around the home pool, as it brings the pool to it’s natural surroundings. Some people like to plant a lot of shrubbery around their pool, in order to make it look like a natural lake or water hole. In most cases these are very beautiful and tasteful designs, but alas they can be very high maintenance and expensive.  A part from the forest feature wall aspects there is also small natural additives you can select, such as plants in pots. Plants in small pots are very simple, but can just give the pool the spark it needs.

You can also add grass around the pool, and in this case it’s probably best to get artificial grass. You can get all sorts of artificial grass but there are a few types that a better suited the home. You wouldn’t be getting short length grass that is meant for a tennis court of sporting surface. Nor would you choose coloured artificial grass, unless you were creating a kids area. You are likely to go with something that is not too long but long enough to pass as a natural look.

Water features…

Depending on how much you want to spend on your pool you can invest in some pretty neat water features.  Most commonly there are waterfall features that are attached to a wall on your pool. You can get many designs and looks for the waterfall. I don’t think there is anyone who doesn’t fall in love with a pool that has a waterfall feature, but it’s an additional cost if you don’t really need it. Water jets are also lovely additions for around the pool, they are designed so that water filters back through into the pool, in order not to waste water. Lastly I’ll briefly mention lighting, most people who purchase pools will invest in underwater lighting, to make night time pool adventures illuminating. You can get all sorts of colours, and ones that change colours.





So if you’ve decided to go with a pool, have a think about all these options before choosing the actual pool. Designing around the pool affects the eventual pool choice. Enjoy the summer days.


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