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   Nov 15

Earthmoving Machines For Beginners

Are you looking at re-designing the layout of your backyard? Or perhaps you’re just cleaning up some land?

If you’re a beginner when it comes to earth moving work and planning, why not start by learning a bit about the machinery used?

Most people use names interchangeably when it comes to earth moving equipment, which in most cases is completely fine, but not when you completely confuse yourself.  Additionally there are different nick names associated with some of the machinery, which for the beginner, is also quite daunting.

Let’s get to know our earth moving machinery:

Mini Loader:

Also known as (Dingo, Kanga or Little Bobcat)

Your mini loader is what people like to refer to as the miniature bobcat, because it’s basically the same as a bobcat, but is more compact and is used for smaller jobs.  You can stand on a small platform on the back to guide and steer. Or some radio controlled skid loaders are simply controlled by an external operator, without the operator on machine. These machines do not require a license to operate. Your mini loader is perfect for movement of soil, mulch, gravel and clay.

mini loader

Excavator and Mini Excavator:

Your excavator is built to undertake large jobs in demolition, mining, river dredging and digging trenches. However you can also use this machine to undertake material handling and extreme lifting. There are two different types of excavator, one with four wheels, and others that have tracks. Operator of the excavator is in a secure driving seat, with four glass walls.  On the end of an excavator is a bucket with teeth that can claw through all different surfaces and move accordingly.



As the name suggests this type of earth moving machinery is built to dump, meaning it holds a large load of soil or materials, and then dumps it. Usually the dumper is used to assist other machinery as it will hold all remnants or earth that requires placement in a different area. You will recognise a dumper by large 4 wheels with the load in the front of the driver seat.

Skid Steer Loader and Mini (Bobcat:

Most commonly referred to in the earth moving sector is the bobcat, or Skid Steer Loader. Your bobcat has 4 wheels and has a bucket on the end to pick up soil and earth, although you can change the bucket with other attachments. Operating a bobcat requires the person to be safely sitting inside the front cage; however you require a license to operate. Most commonly the skid steer loader is used for moving and leveling soil. Additionally it is used to move mulch, sand and conduct site cleans.


Now you should have a handy basic understanding of the machinery utilised in all earth moving projects, and this should ensure you know exactly what your property requires. Some of this machinery will require qualified operators and some don’t, it’s best to contact a bobcat hire specialist to enquire.


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