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   Feb 28

Feeling the crunch? Cost Effective Landscaping is a must!

Stuck staring at those nasty bills on the table? Finding it impossible to scrounge up some money to fulfill your dreams and lavish fantasies?

We all know the feeling of looking at our once inspired outdoor areas and asking ourselves what exactly went wrong? It was once a long term project for the weekend, but suddenly things went sour. First it was loss of imagination, then the kids needed a lift, then the weekends slowly became catch up days for work.  It’s not exactly like you forgot, the backyard is still staring you straight in the eyes, begging for some attention.  Finally you get the courage to pick yourself up and get planning. However there is one problem, this is looking expensive.  Well how about we think about this a bit more.

How can you reach the depths of that fantasy outdoor area without throwing away your savings?

Lets go solar?

How about it? Not long ago solar was this wonderfully amusing new invention, solar lights were just small quirk to add to the garden. Now things have changed. Look anywhere and you can find solar lights to suit any outback design.  You can buy small in- conspicuous lights that merely serve to shine some low lighting on a garden footpath, or ones to scatter in between your garden shrubbery.  There are ones to go on walls, or ones to hang in high places. It’s even possible to have ones that sit in hanging baskets, neat.  No longer is solar an unusual choice, it has to be a real option if we want to balance out all our needs. With all the different designs still being produced it won’t be long before solar is the optimum choice, because it no longer lacks in style.


solar lighting

Solar is the choice when it comes to adding that sparkle to your new pool. You can now get a wide range of designs for around the edging of the pool deck, underwater solar lights inbuilt into the sides of the pool and even those nice fancy lights that float on top of the water. So why haven’t you thought about getting a pool?

Paths vs Grass? Vs how much I actually want to maintain my outdoor living area.

In terms of what is cheaper out of using natural grass or creating your own path, it really comes down to your vision.  Do you want your garden to be that of wildlife habitat, natural and crisp? Or are you finding yourself entranced in the modern abstract style? In terms of creating paths for your garden there are many options, some a little pricey and others extremely affordable.  Instead of buying pavers with intricate designs, there’s always sand or granite.  Just because you are using cheaper materials doesn’t mean you need to lack in quality of design, its all about doing your research. A creative mind can master a wide range of ideas for creating paths, without looking through expensive paving brochures. However paving doesn’t have to be pricey if you look and have patience.  Placing lawn is going to be somewhat more expensive but the range allows you to choose ones that won’t eat money.

Or, like most, you could find the perfect balance between using both options.

Be the scavenger.

Something we often forget is that save money we really need to look outside the square. In order to get that ideal outdoor living area you need to be prepared to get out there in the elements, or online, and find the bargains.  If you are an avid online bargain queen or king then you already have the skills you need to create this outdoor dream-scape. If not, then learn from your fellow money hoarders, find places that will provide you with free or cheap off cuts of materials.  There are always places that have over catered for themselves, or friends. This is your chance to get your bargaining hat on and find anything you can get your hands on.


So be brave, remember that idea you had in your mind, and go for it. 

Don’t forget to ask for some professional help also, sometimes we need help to achieve that dream…if your looking for  help then you can contact Landscaping Blue Mountains- Clifford’s Landscapes

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