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   Oct 04

Landscaping Ideas For A Side Yard…

Are you one of those people with great landscaping ideas but don’t really have the backyard to achieve your landscaping ambitions? If you think in the right way the size and shape of your backyard shouldn’t deter you from transforming your outdoor area into something magical.

Instead of looking at grandiose landscaping ideas for large backyards, concentrate on what land you have to work with, then do some thorough research. On the internet you can find landscaping ideas for a wide range of backyards, and that mixed with your own ideas, well, the results can be fantastic.

water fountain

In particular some people only have a small side yard, or have a side yard leading onto more space. Whether you only have a side yard to work with, or just have one in addition to the rest of your land, you can do a lot with this space. If have got a side yard leading onto further land  it’s important to try and create a side yard which reflects the overall design of the remaining yard space. However if you only have a side yard to work with then you can let your creative juices run rampant.

What you can do with a Side Yard?

– Creating a pathway is one of the easiest and most effective ways to utilise a side yard. When looking at different ways to create a path you can be very creative and cost effective, it’s not always about how glossy or pristine the result is. You can use the likes of stepping stones, pebbles or concrete. Pretty much any material that’s going to withstand the weather is a good idea.

-In this small space you may not be able to install a pool, however you can create a beautiful garden bed. If you have a passion for growing flowers and foliage then this is the perfect spot for a feature garden bed. Make your garden bed stand out with bright flowers when this is the only space you have. Or grow some flowers or plants that will compliment the style of the rest of your backyard. Depending on how much light reaches your side yard will determine what sort of plants you can include.

-Not only are garden beds great ideas for side yards, but you can also plant some of your own produce with the creation of veggie garden. Like the garden bed you can either plant straight into the ground with the right soil, or create a raised bed, this is simply personal choice. However the raised garden bed provides you more control when it comes to soil and maintenance.

-A water feature is another spectacular idea for a side yard, as you can find a range of small fountains that will suit your yard. However you also need to take into consideration the running costs a fountain if you choose to go with this idea, not everyone will be interested in adding to electricity costs.

-You could also have some fun buying ornaments or statues, as these pieces of art can really add that extra spark to a bland side yard. If you carefully decorate your side yard with a feature statue, or a sequence of ornaments, blending in your personal style is easy.

-Lastly, you can go with the very simple and cost effective idea of potted plants. If you choose to go with potted plants you can also bring forth your own favourites, however this will be dependent on sun exposure.

Plants that appreciate full sun:


-Annuals: Petunias, pansies

-Pelargoniums and Geraniums


-New Zealand Flax


Plants that appreciate shade:

–         Clivia

–         Daphne

–         Camellias

–         Azaleas

–         Ponytail


With all these different ideas regarding side yards, you can’t really feel restricted when it comes to landscaping. You only need to look outside the box and analyse your space appropriately. You’ll find many more ideas all over the internet, with accompanying pictures. Just do your research and you’ll be absolutely inspired by what’s out there.

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