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   Nov 08

The Perfect Pond

Are you thinking about adding a pond into your backyard or on your property? Many people utilise the naturalistic beauty of a pond in their backyard, with some choosing to add fish.  Ponds come in all shapes and sizes, with many different types. With all different pond types there are many ways to install and put them together, as some people choose to buy more parts and accessories than others.

You really need to make the decision about how much money you’re willing to spend, how much time you want to put into the job, and whether you want to build everything yourself from scratch? Or you can get a professional landscaper to handle it all.

Pond Kit:

In a lot of cases people choose to go with a pond kit, as it gives you everything you need to build a pond. When choosing a pond kit you can select one that will be suitable for your backyard, as there are many different designs to choose.  In your pond kit you will get a liner, pump, all plumbing components and instructions (as well as other pieces that are unique to the pond you’ve chosen, such as the pond waterfall). Most people installing a pond will go with a complete pond kit, just because it saves the hassle of buying all the pieces separately and completing all the measurements. Usually buying a pond kit leaves less room for error.


Putting Together Your Own Pond:

Putting together your own pond is a little more difficult and time consuming, however you have more creative choice. Some people will enjoy creating a pond from scratch as it can fill you with accomplishment, however when tackling this task you need to plan and act carefully.

The Basics:

  • Pond Liner ( can be a preformed insert, PVC, Butyl rubber)
  • Pond Filter
  • Pump
  • UV Filter

-Your first step when creating your own pond is to outline the shape of your pond onto the ground, use sand or small rocks to get a basis. You can adjust the shape until its suitable, without making any major mistakes.

-You can dig the hole of the pond to varying depths, however you’ll need to dig deeper in the area where the pump will go. Do some research before choosing on a particular depth.

-Once the hole has been created your next step is to place the pond liner in the hole, when using Butyl rubber you should make sure you have it cut to a size that’s bigger than the pond, enough that the rubber overlaps the edges. You’ll have to place rocks on top of the edges in order to secure the rubber.

-Use heavy rocks to then line the entire pond, and then pour in some starting water to hold down the bottom, before you place in the pump. You want all your rocks to be heavy (and stack-able if the depth is longer than a single rock) as they need to keep your rubber lining in place.

– Next step is to set up the pump. You’ll need to place a flat stone where the deeper hole is, as the pump will need to sit on a flat surface. You then will need to follow instructions on connecting your hose to pump. Make sure you do this safely as there are definite safety risks if you don’t connect your pump properly.

-You will need to look at more extensive work when you’re including a waterfall with your pond, however many people do choose to have a waterfall as it creates water flow.

  • If you want more specific information on putting together a pond you’ll need to follow instructions relating to a particular style, as there is no ‘one’ type of instructions.

pond 1

Some Tips:

  • If you want to put fish in your pond you’ll need to have the depth 15th feet or more. If fish do not have enough water they can struggle without oxygen.
  • Make sure that you pick the size of your pond in relation to the rest of your backyard, you need to choose whether you want it as a small feature, or central feature to your landscape.
  • It’s essential that you choose the right area to install a pond, as uneven ground will be a major hassle when trying to build your pond. You won’t be able to place a preformed pond base into an uneven ground, if it has a flat base.
  • Decorate your pond with water plants! A pond can be decorated with beautiful naturalistic plants, so make sure you at all your options.

pond 2

Whether you choose to go with the easier option in the Pond Kit, or decide to put your creative energy into constructing your own pond, you’ll need some firm planning. With so many pond types available you’ll have an enjoyable time looking through your options, and will eventually find one that’s perfect for your property.



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