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   Sep 24

Which retaining wall suits you?

If you’re looking at buying a house on an uneven load, or already own a house on uneven land, there is going to be a lot to think about when it comes to landscaping. You may have to make some tough decisions if you have some different ideas on how you want your backyard or front yard to look.

When you have uneven land you have only minimal options when it comes to landscaping, you can go out and spend the money to get it leveled, or go with more the more traditional solution of implementing a retaining wall.  Although it seems like you have been restricted when it comes to landscaping design you’ll be quite surprised at the how eye catching your outdoor area can look. You’re creativity hasn’t been squashed, you just need to think outside the box if you want to get the look you desire.

retaining wall 1

Why the retaining wall is a good idea…

With the addition of retaining walls in your front or backyard you can enhance, not hinder, your design.  Although retaining walls are primarily a practical measure for those with uneven ground, it can also be a a great addition in terms of style. Not only can you have visually pleasing retaining walls, but you can also have very affordable options. You’ll definitely find that including retaining walls is going to be a cheaper method in most cases.

retaining wall 2

So what type of retaining walls are there ?

If you’ve decided to go with retaining walls in your backyard then you’ll be amazed at all the different types of retaining walls that can be built. Make sure you do some thorough research on all the different types of retaining walls before choosing one particular style, as there are many different benefits. Choosing a retaining wall will also depend on what your entire backyard landscape design is, and whether the retaining wall will blend in with ease.

Your choices:

-Mortar Rock

-Timber Slats

-Crib Wall

-Precast Block

-Rock caged in wire

-River Rocks with concrete






Looking at this list you can see there are a bunch of different materials and set-ups, so you really need to look at all the different options. Obviously the stand out in terms of low price is the tyre walls, this type of retaining wall will save you some money, and with creativity can be a quirky addition to your property.

tyre wall

Things to think about before committing…

What is your soil type? Whether you have hard or soft soil can be factor in how much your retaining walls can end up costing, in terms of labour and materials.

Price? You have to have a grasp on your price range when it comes to choosing the right retaining wall, not all will be right for your budget.

Height and legalities? With the help of professional landscapers you’ll be able to determine what sort of legalities you are looking at when it comes to height restrictions etc.

In different states there may be different rules regarding retaining walls. In Perth if the retaining wall is higher than 500mm then you will need a Building Permit and Planning Approval. Height is measured from natural ground level to the top of the wall.

If you think a retaining wall can greatly enhance your uneven landscape, or is the best option in terms of cost, then make sure you suss out all the designs available.

You can have retaining walls built with the team at Landscaping Campbelltown- Brally Landsapes PTY LTD or simply get some professional advice.


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