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   Mar 21

The New Trend: Artificial Turf

Are you still watering your grass and attempting to revive it naturally? Although we all deeply want to have real, natural grass in our family backyards it’s not always viable. With the endless summer heat still continuing into March it looks as though things might need to change, and maybe it needs to start with your choice of grass. Synthetic grass is an option that will leave you with many benefits and it’s time we went through some of them, to reinforce some important facts.

Artificial Grass and It’s major benefits.

-Synthetic grass is low maintenance. Once you buy you beloved turf there is no need to water it, right there, is a major cost effective benefit. With all the hot summers killing our natural grass you will find a big difference in the water bill.  This is probably the biggest pro of artificial turf.

– It is always going to look a lot neater than your natural grass, because natural grass has a life of it’s own, synthetic turf is under your direct control. All you need to do is clean anything that falls upon it, such as leaves or branches.

-You’re synthetic grass is going to last a lot longer than your natural grass, wear and tear is minimal. Yes, it will eventually wear out and need to be replaced, but you will notice that this won’t happen too quickly.

While natural grass probably feels better, and is a natural growth, it isn’t economically the best choice anymore. If you’re looking at saving money then this is the way forward for many people.


Artificial grass

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