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   May 01

Brick Driveway Paving Tips and Details

If you have the desire to create your own brick paved driveway then you’ll need to ensure that you properly do your research and have all the right materials. Although the processes are fairly easy to conduct it’s extremely vital that you don’t miss any aspect. If you fail to complete one step then you can either ruin the driveway immediately, or produce one that isn’t sustainable. However the best part of being able to create your own driveway is the creative choice, you can design the paving work in whichever pattern you desire.If you don’t think you have the creative prowess or practical skills to completed this landscape project, sometimes it’s best to call in a professional.

You can find step by step processes for brick paving online, and from a variety of sources, but below is some vital information.

Paving Design Options:

Before beginning the process of building your brick driveway you’ll need to have a lot of thought surrounding the type of design. Paving work can be a standard look, or a very detailed creation, there is room to go both ways. However there is a set of more popular designs, and below are a few:

Stretcher Bond:

stretcher bond

90 Degree Herringbone:

90 degree herringbone

Stack Bond:

stack bond




As you can see there are many different patterns you can create when looking into brick paving. You can also mix up what type of colour bricks to use in the patterns.

Essential Tools Required:

If you want to ensure that you correctly create your driveway then you should be prepared with all the right materials. Some of the materials required will include:

  • Compactor
  • Bricks
  • Wooden Stakes
  • String
  • Crushed Stone
  • Course Sand
  • Edging
  • Water
  • Shovel
  • Straight piece of wood (for smoothing out sand application)

Important Process Notes:

  • It’s important that when you’re outlining the outside of your driveway that you ensure that you’re creating a slope effect. Drainage is an important aspect of paving a brick driveway, you need to ensure that water won’t threaten your home. With a slope effect the water will run away from the home, if accurately measured.  You can also include drainage channels on the outskirts of the driveway to ensure that drainage occurs efficiently.
  • When digging out the area where your paving work will sit you need to ensure that you’ve tackled removal of all vegetation or roots. If you don’t successfully take out roots and vegetation then you can risk the bricks changing in level as the roots change or grow. Although landscape cloth will assist in preventing weeds growing through.
  • At the end of the process make sure that you water down the bricks to remove any excess sand or soil, and to aid it in settling between the brick gaps.
  • In many cases the excavation of the area is completed by a landscaping contractor, which removes a lot less work for the DIY enthusiast. It’s important to consider your options when it comes to this aspect of the work.

driveway finish

There’s a lot to be excited about when you’re considering creating your own brick driveway with all the different designs available. However at the same time there are a lot of processes you need to accurately execute. If you want a new driveway for your home and are unable to complete the project yourself then there are local landscapers who can complete the job.

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