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   Jan 30

Fencing Dilemma : Wrought Iron or Aluminium ?

If you’re looking at implementing a new fence to your property there are many different options available. However sometimes it’s hard to differentiate between particular types, especially when you’re dealing contradictory information.

Many people looking into fencing types often have difficulty deciding between wrought iron, or aluminum, as they can look very similar in some cases. It’s important that you have a basic idea regarding the differences, and benefits of both types.

Aluminium Fencing:

  • ¬†Generally you’ll find that your aluminium fencing is low maintenance and weather resistant. Water and weather resistance is due to a specialised coating. You can count on the low rust and peeling of this particular type.
  • One of the downsides to this type of fencing is that it can still be damaged with enough force, and is known to be easily dented with any hard force.
  • A lot of people choose to use this make of fencing to place around the pool, as it can come in many different colours and is sturdy for pool safety.
  • Professionals and DIY specialists consider aluminium fencing to be relatively easy to install
  • You can easily repair parts of your aluminium fencing as it is flexible, and single panels can be replaced.
  • When selecting this fence type you can choose different finishes and decorative elements to add to your fence, however you’ll need to organise this with your fence provider (not all fence providers will do customised looks).

Styles Include:


This style is most common and the standard, it has a simple horizontal rail sitting over the panels. You’ll find that all fencing companies will have this basic style available.



Your Sierra style aluminium fencing is only a little bit different to the basic Floridian style. Instead of one horizontal rail sitting on the top, you have two, with a top section of the panels joint to both. Additionally you can also have other horizontal rails on the bottom section, depending on the particular style (and your choice).




Appalachian style aluminium fencing is simply an addition to the Sierra fence, with the panels surpassing the height of the second rail. Instead of the panel tip sitting between the two rails of the Sierra, the tips go beyond and end in a spike formation. If you want to stop anyone jumping over your fence, the spike tips of your fence will certainly deter any pests.



Wrought Iron Fencing:

Wrought Iron fencing is the type of old fashioned fencing you’ll find surrounding cemetery and industrial sectors. It’s extremely uncommon if you haven’t seen this type of fencing in your lifetime, as it is a popular choice. However with aluminum fencing styles mimicking the look of this fence structure there are many who choose to go with the lighter weight option.

  • Heavy and durable
  • Will last years without major damage
  • Presents a rustic look to your area
  • Little flexibility in terms of style and make
  • Due to it’s strong material and manufacturing process, it can be expensive
  • It’s the perfect security fence
  • Eventually the weather and rain will see it corrode and become rusted on the outer layer of the fence. However for many people the rust only adds to the vintage quality of the fence.

wrought iron


As you can see there are many benefits to both wrought iron fencing and aluminium fencing, it will depend on your circumstances to which choice you make. On cost alone most people will choose the many styles available in aluminum fencing, it’s flexibility is a winning attribute. However is money is of no concern and you would like a fence that will serve as a solid future investment, the wrought iron fence will definitely satisfy. Some property owners will even love the old-school style of the wrought iron.

Either way ensure you get accurate quotes from a few local companies and make a decision that will leave will without any doubts.

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