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   Apr 16

Lawn Mower Types

Are you thinking about investing in a new lawn mower, or buying one for the first time? Maybe you’ve just bought a new property and have just realized your lawn maintenance work needs to be increased? Maintaining lawn requires both watering and trimming, but working out the most efficient way to trim your lawn can be difficult.

You also need to weigh up the cost and benefits of hiring a professional lawn mowing expert who can take the responsibility of your hands. If you know for sure that you simply won’t have the time required to keep your lawn in order then there’s no point wasting your money on a fancy new mower. However it might be the case that owning an average lawn mower is better than paying a professional on a regular basis.


If you want some basic information regarding the different types of mowers available on the market then below is a handy list:

Electric Lawn Mowers :

Electric lawn mowers are an Eco-friendly choice and run without much noise. Furthermore you’ll find that these types are on average an affordable option for most people. You’ll also find that there is hardly any maintenance required with an electric lawn mower, in comparison to gas types.

Corded and Cordless:

Electric lawn mowers come in both cordless and corded varieties. Corded types will limit your ability to tackle large areas but will provide consistent power the entire time you’re mowing. Your cordless option will not be as tricky to control because you won’t be connected by a cord, however you will need to ensure your battery is in good condition and charged appropriately.

Robotic Lawn Mowers:

If you’re looking for the highest form of technology and ease when needing to take care of mowing duties then you’ll find this option perfect. Unlike any other mower, you don’t need to do any physical work. As the name the suggests this type of mower functions as a robot and can be set-up to provide a perfect finish. It will even drive itself to the charging station when it’s running low! However because this piece of technology has the best functionality it comes at high prices, with minimal price difference between models.


Ride On Mowers:

Ride on mowers are quite popular for those who have a larger space of lawn to cover, rather than a standard backyard. In most cases it will have rear motor and single blade mowing deck. Instead of lugging a mower by pushing it around your property you get the luxury of sitting back in a chair and controlling all movement with your hands.

It does not have the strength of a lawn tractor but can still effectively trim large spaces of lawn, just ensure there aren’t too many obstacles to swerve around. Although they ride like go-cart, they have speed and movement limitations.

Tractor Lawn Mower:

In basic terms this type of mower vehicle is the upgrade to a basic Ride On Mower, the tractor lawn mower has more versatility. You would only need to purchase such a mowing vehicle if you have a very large property full of lawn, otherwise other options will certainly suffice.

Your major benefits of having a tractor lawn mower is that they can customised with a snowplow blade, work cart and other attachments. Furthermore they are comfortable to use on most terrain. Unfortunately you will need to pay high prices to own this versatile beast.

Push Reel Mower:

If you only own a small area of lawn that requires little trimming and maintenance then the push reel mower is probably a perfect fit for your requirements. Although it is not as effective when it comes to producing sheer results it is dependable to work sufficiently on smaller sections. Due to the fact it doesn’t require fuel to run it is both environmentally friendly and doesn’t need much maintenance.

push reel mower

Many people will consider this mower a bit dated and not really the ‘norm’ but it shouldn’t be written off just because of newer models. As you push the mower along the manual set of metal blades will roll and cut the grass, simple and easy.


As you can see there are many different types of lawn mowers available on the market, and you’ll also find there are many different brands. It might be confusing to tell what brand will suit your needs and so you should definitely engage in some additional research before committing to a particular type.







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