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   Sep 05

What fence is right for your property?

Fencing is one of the fundamental investments that any home owner must consider. The market is flooded with fencing options in every material. Glass, brick, metal, bamboo, hedge, the list is endless. Whether you are wanting to install a fence yourself of are going to get in a professional the most important thing to consider is what is its main use going to be? Are you after privacy? Do you need to keep pets inside? Do you want a chic glass boarder for the pool? These are all things that need to be considered as well as the overall aesthetics of the fence. To help you out with choosing what fence suits you here is a list of the most common fences and the purpose they suit best.

Retaining Walls are structurally sound but are used more for landscaping needs then for fencing. Regardless they have made it onto my list because they are often used to outline boundaries on hillsides in more rural areas. They are created using metal, stone and come in a range of earthy colours. Retaining walls can be used as a boundary fence or used in suburban backyards to separate areas and provide stability.

Tubular Fencing is created by galvanised steel tubes it is cheap, stylish and simple. The tubes are spread out to allow for maximum light to get through. The fence is strong and secure but does not offer much privacy and is not ideal for pets. This is a great option for those in safe areas wanting to show off their garden and let natural light in.

Wooden Fencing is a classic look and popular choice for Melbourne residents. It is easy to install, fairly low maintenance and can come in a variety of finishes and heights. They are perfect for homes in suburbia and are good for privacy, protection and keep pets safe.

Colorbond has taken the fencing world by storm! It is a pricey option but is durable, weather resistant and reliable. The look is clean and crisp and Colorbond comes in 14 different colours. It won’t be tarnished by the sun, wind, rain or termites and looks good from both sides. It is great for both suburban and rural properties. Hedge Fencing The classic hedge is making a comeback and for good reason.

Hedge Fencing is coming back to the streets of Melbourne because it is a green option and doesn’t negatively impact the environment. Hedge fencing is beautiful, smells lovely, brings birds and butterflies to the yard and is great for screening. It is fairly high maintenance but you can hire a team to trim it for affordable prices.

Picket Fencing are more decorative than anything else. They are distinguished by their evenly spaced white vertical boards with ‘picketed’ tops. Originally used in cricket fields they were made of wood. Now they are used for domestic boarders and are created using PVC so they don’t require frequent painting. Picket fences are tall so are no good for big dogs but are great for keeping in kids and small dogs without blocking the view.

Rural Fencing includes wire, mesh, and electric fencing and runs the perimeter of a farm. It is usually not very nice to look at but serves the purpose of keeping cattle in and pests out.

Privacy Screens are generally used at the back of the house or near the front door and do not run the length of a property. They are great for cornering off areas stylishly, there are generally made from merbau which is a hard wood generally used for decking. Glass Fencing, no pool is complete without a safety fence. Glass fencing is stylish, chic and won’t affect the view.

Glass Fencing is durable and can come in frameless, semi-frameless of framed. The gates are usually also glass or tubular steel and are fitted with latches of self-closing hinges for safety.

Pet Fencing is used to either keep your pet in our out of an area. It is used around gardens for protections or used to create runs. It is becoming increasingly popular in Melbourne and usually is built with tubular fencing or picket fencing.

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