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   Aug 13

What’s What of Water Features

Your dream backyard isn’t complete without a beautiful water feature.  They are peaceful and calming and running water attracts guests and wildlife alike.  Listening or watching moving water is very appealing and a great way to distress.  If you are flirting with the idea of adding a water feature to your yard there are three main options.

Ponds or Streams:  Ponds and streams are a gorgeous way to add a peaceful water feature to you backyard.  They are natural looking and low maintenance, unlike a pool they don’t need regular cleaning and added moss and plant life only adds to the appeal.  Ponds and streams are a relatively small investment and have lots of variety.  You can choose a tropical garden lagoon with tones of blue and exotic plant life.  You can opt for a modern, clean-lined pond with minimalist features or go for a natural stream babbling over stones and plant life.  Ponds and streams are a great way to bring native birds and frogs into your yard and can also be used to home fish.  Once you have installed a pond you can think about adding koi and goldfish for an even more calming outdoor area.

Koi in a pond, image.

Koi in a pond, image supplied.

Fountain:  Fountains are just as calming and soothing as bubbling brooks, the sound is peaceful and they are fairly easy to maintain.  The hardest decision you have to make is what sort of fountain to choose.  The most common fountains are tiered or wall mounted but modern style fountains and Japanese style fountains are becoming more popular too.  Fountains come in an array of sizes and prices, speak to an expert to discover which one will suit your yard best.

Unusual 3 Tiered Water Feature

Unusual 3 Tiered Water Feature

Pool with waterfall:  No pool is complete without a gorgeous water feature.  It can be a subtle cherub squirting water or a predominant waterfall spilling over boulders into the pool.  If you are lucky enough to have a stunning view in your yard an infinity or vanishing edge is a must.  Pools are a little higher maintenance then the other options as cleanliness is a must.  But they are also the most enjoyable.  You can enjoy the pool by swimming in it, of course, but also by listening to your beautiful feature bubbling away.

pool 1

Subtle Side Waterfall


No matter which water feature you choose it will really bring your outdoor area alive.  The sound and sight of running water is so calming and beautiful that even the smallest fountain will make a difference to your area.  To make your water feature pop day and night add some lights in the water or at the base of the structure to illuminate the water, bliss.

With the right choice of materials, landscapers and plants you can have a water feature that looks at home in the backyard no matter what the architectural style.

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