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   Apr 07

Asphalt Paving

Paving can completely alter the appearance of your home, whether it is cleaning the pavement to give your driveway a fresher look, or replacing the old and dated concrete. There is always a reason to change the way your driveway looks. From moving house to fixing an out-dated pavement, there are many different types of materials to suit your taste.

asphalt paving 2

A couple of factors when selecting your pavement of choice come into play to ensure the concrete is suitable for your property. Cost is one of the main issues people have when selecting the right concrete. If that’s a concern, asphalt paving is the best option for you. Mostly used by road engineers, as well as commercial and residential properties, it is known to be a durable concrete, which won’t leave a dint in your wallet.

While asphalt paving is durable and suitable for all climates, it is low maintenance and comes in a range of different colours. While asphalt paving is sure to save you money in the maintenance department, you also avoid having to pull out weeds and very rarely need to clean it. People with brick and cobblestone paving run the risk of having to pull out unwanted weeds a couple of years down the track. Pesky weeds still find space to grow, so if that’s a concern for you, your best option is to go with the asphalt paving.


asphalt paving

Some pavements may look nice and lovely with the bricks all lined up nicely, however due to Mother Nature, you run the risk of having to constantly clean in between the bricks; as it’s easier for dirt to get caught. The benefits of asphalt paving most definitely outweigh the negatives, a skid-free concrete that does the job of giving your driveway a smooth looking surface? What’s not to love? There is no surprise that this type of concrete is the most popular, roads, playgrounds, footpaths and more.

Although the process in which asphalt paving is created might initially be a long one, it is worth all the work, to avoid having to continuously maintain your pavement. Regardless of the type of paving you are having, it is essential to remove all the material where the driveway will be located. Once the surface is clear, heavy machinery is used to smooth out any excess bumps. Once this process is completed, it takes no time to layer the asphalt and let it set.


Asphalt concrete gives you a nice final finish, while also not taking away the attention from the focus point, which is your home. You wouldn’t want a driveway so detailed that it becomes the only thing people look at. Driveways are meant to be a welcoming lead up to what we want to emphasis, which is your home. A driveway, is like an entree, if you like, where it is meant to give you a taste as to what’s to come, once you enter the home, main is served and if you’re lucky, dessert will be the garden.

So whatever paving you decide for your driveway, just me sure you are selecting the right one for your lifestyle.

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