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   Jan 14

Concrete Driveways Are Making a Comeback!


Concrete driveways are out of style? Not in NSW! Concrete Driveways are making a comeback with many builders and landscapers offering decorative concrete driveways. Aside from the standard concrete driveway there are now colour concrete driveways, polished concrete driveways, aggregated concrete driveways and stamped concrete driveways. Find out which one is right for you and your home.

Polished Concrete Driveways

Polished concrete was once reserved for indoor spaces but is now making a move to the exterior.   Shiny and smooth driveways add a chic element to any home and are a breeze to clean. The smooth surface means the concrete doesn’t absorb moisture and can withstand heavy foot traffic. Cleaning it is simple with a high pressured hose or scrubbing broom. What is more is that any old driveway can become a polished driveway. Hire a professional builder or landscaper to grind away the roughness of your old concrete driveway and polish it up for a striking and shiny driveway.


Polished Concrete


Coloured Concrete Driveways

Another great way to modernise a boring old driveway is to colour it! There are three main ways to colour a concrete driveway. You can paint, dye or stain your driveway and can attempt this yourself or hire in a professional. Both painting and dyeing concrete add colour through pigments. Unfortunately paint has a tendency to crack and chip if there is a high level of traffic so dying is a better option. Dying or staining driveways are your best bet especially for an older driveway. For bright and out there colours opt for dying, for more earthy and neutral tones staining is the best option. These quick fixes are affordable, stylish and add value to any home.

grass 9

Dyed Green Concrete


Aggregate Concrete Driveways

If you want a more rustic and beachy look for your concrete driveway the fastest, cheapest and most effective way is to strip it back. Taking off the top layer of concrete exposes the rocks and pebbles that are mixed into the concrete. Alternatively you can create a aggregated concrete driveway from scratch choosing the colours of the stones. Aggregated concrete driveways are perfect for steep driveways or for areas that receive a lot of rain. The rough surface works as a non-slip surface for a safe and stylish driveway.


Aggregate Concrete


Stamped Concrete Driveways

If you like a more classic look for your driveway but don’t have the budget for brick or stone then stamping is the perfect solution. Stamping your driveway creates the look and feel of a more expensive driveway. Stamps are achieved by using stencils, molds and contrasting colours. Opt for a classic slate, wood, cobblestone or brick look in traditional colours or choose a more contemporary design with bright tones. Stamping is best done when laying new concrete by overlays can also be created.

driveway finish

Molded Concrete


For more concrete driveway ideas speak to your local landscaper or builder, the designs and colours are endless!

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