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   Feb 03

Ready for DIY Landscaping?

Are you ready to revamp your front or backyard on your own or do you need a professional to get dirty? Here’s a simple list to help figure out if you’re ready for DIY landscaping.

Can you do all the heavy lifting yourself? Do you know what plants to choose for your climate? Is there somewhere nearby that loans bobcats or excavators and if so can you drive one? Are you confident trimming your own trees? These are all questions you need to consider when planning a DIY landscape. It’s all very well to know what flowers, pavers and lights you want but don’t forget about organic matter removal, excavation, tree removal, mulch and irrigation.

mini loader

Do some research of local companies you will use and start slowly. Try growing a veggie garden or laying a small area of turf to see if you have the patients and skills to commit to a large scale project.  If you are experienced with mulch types and plants, know there is a local bob cat hire company nearby and have already planned your dream landscape down to the last detail DIY Landscaping may be for you!

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Do you want a classic garden with red roses, a white picket fence and a nice green lawn? Or maybe an Asian themed garden with temple statues a water feature and koi? Or perhaps a native Australian garden with eucalyptus mulch, waratahs and banksias is for you. Whatever your style choice is you need to decide before you undertake a project. Not only do you need to consider what the yard will look like immediately but how the garden will grow in the long term. Professional gardeners and landscapers arrange plants with 1, 2 and even 10 years or growth taken into consideration.

Clutter Removal

Your yard may be overwhelming to look at and you might be wondering how to clear out all the plants, soil, turf and pavers you don’t want. Don’t stress, simply separate the plant life and other outdoor elements you want to keep from what needs to be scraped. Hire a skip bin, a waste removal company or a trailer to rid your property of waste and your mind and yard will feel a lot cleaner. If you are hiring a bobcat for earthmoving move any waste you have using it! DIY is all about working with what you have and saving money when you can.

Get Advice
Even if you are going to do it alone speak to a few professionals or landscapers for inspiration, tips, budget guidelines and more. For a small price professionals are usually happy to come out and assess your yard and can even help out with a few small projects that you don’t want to attempt alone. Hire them for paving or decking whilst you tackle the flora, fauna and lawn.

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Before you start your project outline a clear budget and be realistic about how much each element will cost. Don’t forget the prices of excavation hire, light cables and increase of water usage! Shop around to find a style that suits your taste and stick to your list, it is easy to get overwhelmed in a big hardware store!

Set a Timeline

Set yourself a generous timeline, a complete landscaping project takes time and needs time to be done properly. Think of it in weekends, one weekend remove all waste, next weekend excavate, following weekend lay turf, etc. Just because you have designed your dream garden doesn’t mean you have to finish it in a month!

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You have just created this beautiful outdoor area, don’t have it overshadowed by an old timber fence that is falling apart – have it repaired or opt for a new one. There are now so many gate and fencing options that it can add to the look of any yard. If you have a pool think about glass fencing, for the front yard opt for slate fencing and for the backyard Colorbond is always a popular choice. Privacy screens can also add to the look of any yard and hide bins, the compost or your family from the neighbours.


Get Creative

Finally get creative and don’t be afraid of change. Your garden will change with you, flowers, grass and pavers can and will need to be replaced and maintained. Have fun with changing plants, vegetables, having trees trimmed and changing accessories. Be prepared to add a dog kennel, rabbit cage or set of swings if life goes that way and just enjoy your new space that you created.


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