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   Jul 23

Tree Removals

Tree removals is a useful service that tames wild trees around homes, removes unsafe branches in public spaces and that removes stumps that are in the way of a landscaping project.  Above All Tree Services provide a range or tree removal services to Sutherland Shire and residents from surrounding NSW areas.  Give them a call if you need any of the following services:


Tree Removal      

Trees that have died or have become infected pose as a safety threat and need to be removed quickly.   Don’t wait for a storm to hit to think about the safety of your home or workplace, act now and call your local Arborist to quickly and efficiently remove hazardous trees.emergency-300x200

Tree Pruning

Tree Pruning is important for the health, look and life of trees and other plant life.  Have the trees on your property pruned professionally every season to avoid safety concerns, breakages, diseases and unsightly overhang.


Stump Grinding

Stumps that remain in the soil once the tree has be removed can re-grow, be a tripping hazard, get in the way of landscaping projects and rot. If a tree rots it can spread diseases and fungus that can effect nearby trees and plants.  Speak to the Statewide Tree Services team today for expert advice and stump grinding in Pennant Hill.


Dead Wood Removal

The removal of dead wood and branches is necessary to improve the look and safety of all properties in Pennant Hills.  When the job is too big to go it alone speak to your local tree removal team.  As well as expertly removing all dead trees – branches and stumps can be turned into mulch for your yard.



Mulching is a natural way to keep much needed water and nutrients in the ground.  Mulch helps stop weeds from growing and adds a naturally aesthetic element to any garden.  Have your old and hazardous branches or stumps turned into mulch for your yard today!


The qualified arborists’ at Above All Tree Services will provide you with excellent care to ensure all customers in Sutherland Shire are safe all year round.


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