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   Mar 14

Soft Vs Hard Landscaping

When designing the perfect outdoor setting for your home, the terms ‘Soft landscaping’ and ‘hard landscaping’ are ones that are frequently used to describe the two different types of landscaping. While hard landscaping refers to construction materials used in the process like stones, paving and patios; natural elements like trees, flowers, and grass are referred to as soft.

Many are turning to combining both soft and hard landscaping to achieve the perfect garden. An abundance of paving and stones can transform an area into a concrete jungle, while having a garden comprised of all soft landscaping can reduce the size of the space; and has the potential to be a headache to maintain.

Designing an outdoor space is something that many people understandably require some external assistance. Every person is different when it comes to the most important element that they seek for their property; regardless of the motivation, we would strongly encourage knowing what you want, then going to a professional for extra assistance. If you want a fountain to be the feature, then you work to ensure that everything else isn’t too eye catching.

Merging soft and hard landscaping has the potential to provide a welcoming area with aesthetic benefits; combining paving, bright flowers and pebble elements is a great way to not only look appealing, but to also minimise the amount of time spent in the garden.

For those that entertain frequently, many tend to go for more hard landscaping than soft; water features and sculptures draw attention to specific regions, while, paving is not only great to define a walkway, it can also create an open space for a table and chairs.

The amount of soft landscaping all depends on the quantity of time you have to water and nurture the area. For those that have minimal space in the backyard, pot plants are a great way to decorate a region; if you have emptiness in certain parts of the garden, planting vibrant flowers will transform the area.

When contacting a professional landscaper to help ensure the process runs smoothly, we must stress the importance of remaining in control of your outdoor area. This is going to be your outdoor setting for many years to come, so it’s crucial that every element suits you. Many landscapers are incredibly accommodating and will ensure that every element meets your expectations.  So, there is no need to choose between soft and hard landscaping, the best gardens are those that have a combination of the two.

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