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   Feb 03

Ready for DIY Landscaping?

Are you ready to revamp your front or backyard on your own or do you need a professional to get dirty? Here’s a simple list to help figure out if you’re ready for DIY landscaping. Skills Can you do all the heavy lifting yourself? Do you know what plants to choose for your climate? Is […]

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   Sep 02

Preparing Your Land Before Laying Turf

Welcome to DIY tips for preparing land before laying turf.  I received these tips from a tradie when I recently had my lawns re done! There are several steps you need to take before laying turf, these steps are important to ensure the turf is laid flat, will drain well and can form new roots. […]

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   Apr 23

Before You Hire A Skip Bin

Hiring a skip bin is the perfect option when you’re taking care of renovations or a major clean-up. Instead of undertaking various trips to the tip you can find an affordable business with a range of different skip sizes. In most cases people find that skip bin hire is a worthwhile investment, you just need […]

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   Nov 15

Earthmoving Machines For Beginners

Are you looking at re-designing the layout of your backyard? Or perhaps you’re just cleaning up some land? If you’re a beginner when it comes to earth moving work and planning, why not start by learning a bit about the machinery used? Most people use names interchangeably when it comes to earth moving equipment, which […]

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