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   Feb 03

Ready for DIY Landscaping?

Are you ready to revamp your front or backyard on your own or do you need a professional to get dirty? Here’s a simple list to help figure out if you’re ready for DIY landscaping. Skills Can you do all the heavy lifting yourself? Do you know what plants to choose for your climate? Is […]

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   Jan 14

Concrete Driveways Are Making a Comeback!

  Concrete driveways are out of style? Not in NSW! Concrete Driveways are making a comeback with many builders and landscapers offering decorative concrete driveways. Aside from the standard concrete driveway there are now colour concrete driveways, polished concrete driveways, aggregated concrete driveways and stamped concrete driveways. Find out which one is right for you […]

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   Sep 05

What fence is right for your property?

Fencing is one of the fundamental investments that any home owner must consider. The market is flooded with fencing options in every material. Glass, brick, metal, bamboo, hedge, the list is endless. Whether you are wanting to install a fence yourself of are going to get in a professional the most important thing to consider […]

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   Sep 02

Preparing Your Land Before Laying Turf

Welcome to DIY tips for preparing land before laying turf.  I received these tips from a tradie when I recently had my lawns re done! There are several steps you need to take before laying turf, these steps are important to ensure the turf is laid flat, will drain well and can form new roots. […]

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   Aug 13

What’s What of Water Features

Your dream backyard isn’t complete without a beautiful water feature.  They are peaceful and calming and running water attracts guests and wildlife alike.  Listening or watching moving water is very appealing and a great way to distress.  If you are flirting with the idea of adding a water feature to your yard there are three […]

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   May 01

Brick Driveway Paving Tips and Details

If you have the desire to create your own brick paved driveway then you’ll need to ensure that you properly do your research and have all the right materials. Although the processes are fairly easy to conduct it’s extremely vital that you don’t miss any aspect. If you fail to complete one step then you […]

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   Apr 16

Lawn Mower Types

Are you thinking about investing in a new lawn mower, or buying one for the first time? Maybe you’ve just bought a new property and have just realized your lawn maintenance work needs to be increased? Maintaining lawn requires both watering and trimming, but working out the most efficient way to trim your lawn can […]

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   Apr 14

Drip Irrigation Basics

If you’re new to gardening or landscaping then you may require some information on garden maintenance. Or perhaps you’re looking at expanding your garden with some more plantation?Either way it’s important to look at how you’re going to keep your garden or landscape in the best condition. With differing climates throughout the country it’s vital […]

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   Jan 30

Fencing Dilemma : Wrought Iron or Aluminium ?

If you’re looking at implementing a new fence to your property there are many different options available. However sometimes it’s hard to differentiate between particular types, especially when you’re dealing contradictory information. Many people looking into fencing types often have difficulty deciding between wrought iron, or aluminum, as they can look very similar in some […]

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   Nov 08

The Perfect Pond

Are you thinking about adding a pond into your backyard or on your property? Many people utilise the naturalistic beauty of a pond in their backyard, with some choosing to add fish.  Ponds come in all shapes and sizes, with many different types. With all different pond types there are many ways to install and […]

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