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   Feb 03

Ready for DIY Landscaping?

Are you ready to revamp your front or backyard on your own or do you need a professional to get dirty? Here’s a simple list to help figure out if you’re ready for DIY landscaping.

Can you do all the heavy lifting yourself? Do you know what plants to choose for your climate? Is there somewhere nearby that loans bobcats or excavators and if so can you drive one? Are you confident trimming your own trees? These are all questions you need to consider when planning a DIY landscape. It’s all very well to know what flowers, pavers and lights you want but don’t forget about organic matter removal, excavation, tree removal, mulch and irrigation.

mini loader

Do some research of local companies you will use and start slowly. Try growing a veggie garden or laying a small area of turf to see if you have the patients and skills to commit to a large scale project.  If you are experienced with mulch types and plants, know there is a local bob cat hire company nearby and have already planned your dream landscape down to the last detail DIY Landscaping may be for you!

retaining wall 4

Do you want a classic garden with red roses, a white picket fence and a nice green lawn? Or maybe an Asian themed garden with temple statues a water feature and koi? Or perhaps a native Australian garden with eucalyptus mulch, waratahs and banksias is for you. Whatever your style choice is you need to decide before you undertake a project. Not only do you need to consider what the yard will look like immediately but how the garden will grow in the long term. Professional gardeners and landscapers arrange plants with 1, 2 and even 10 years or growth taken into consideration.

Clutter Removal

Your yard may be overwhelming to look at and you might be wondering how to clear out all the plants, soil, turf and pavers you don’t want. Don’t stress, simply separate the plant life and other outdoor elements you want to keep from what needs to be scraped. Hire a skip bin, a waste removal company or a trailer to rid your property of waste and your mind and yard will feel a lot cleaner. If you are hiring a bobcat for earthmoving move any waste you have using it! DIY is all about working with what you have and saving money when you can.

Get Advice
Even if you are going to do it alone speak to a few professionals or landscapers for inspiration, tips, budget guidelines and more. For a small price professionals are usually happy to come out and assess your yard and can even help out with a few small projects that you don’t want to attempt alone. Hire them for paving or decking whilst you tackle the flora, fauna and lawn.

push reel mower

Before you start your project outline a clear budget and be realistic about how much each element will cost. Don’t forget the prices of excavation hire, light cables and increase of water usage! Shop around to find a style that suits your taste and stick to your list, it is easy to get overwhelmed in a big hardware store!

Set a Timeline

Set yourself a generous timeline, a complete landscaping project takes time and needs time to be done properly. Think of it in weekends, one weekend remove all waste, next weekend excavate, following weekend lay turf, etc. Just because you have designed your dream garden doesn’t mean you have to finish it in a month!

pool 1


You have just created this beautiful outdoor area, don’t have it overshadowed by an old timber fence that is falling apart – have it repaired or opt for a new one. There are now so many gate and fencing options that it can add to the look of any yard. If you have a pool think about glass fencing, for the front yard opt for slate fencing and for the backyard Colorbond is always a popular choice. Privacy screens can also add to the look of any yard and hide bins, the compost or your family from the neighbours.


Get Creative

Finally get creative and don’t be afraid of change. Your garden will change with you, flowers, grass and pavers can and will need to be replaced and maintained. Have fun with changing plants, vegetables, having trees trimmed and changing accessories. Be prepared to add a dog kennel, rabbit cage or set of swings if life goes that way and just enjoy your new space that you created.


   Jan 14

Concrete Driveways Are Making a Comeback!


Concrete driveways are out of style? Not in NSW! Concrete Driveways are making a comeback with many builders and landscapers offering decorative concrete driveways. Aside from the standard concrete driveway there are now colour concrete driveways, polished concrete driveways, aggregated concrete driveways and stamped concrete driveways. Find out which one is right for you and your home.

Polished Concrete Driveways

Polished concrete was once reserved for indoor spaces but is now making a move to the exterior.   Shiny and smooth driveways add a chic element to any home and are a breeze to clean. The smooth surface means the concrete doesn’t absorb moisture and can withstand heavy foot traffic. Cleaning it is simple with a high pressured hose or scrubbing broom. What is more is that any old driveway can become a polished driveway. Hire a professional builder or landscaper to grind away the roughness of your old concrete driveway and polish it up for a striking and shiny driveway.


Polished Concrete


Coloured Concrete Driveways

Another great way to modernise a boring old driveway is to colour it! There are three main ways to colour a concrete driveway. You can paint, dye or stain your driveway and can attempt this yourself or hire in a professional. Both painting and dyeing concrete add colour through pigments. Unfortunately paint has a tendency to crack and chip if there is a high level of traffic so dying is a better option. Dying or staining driveways are your best bet especially for an older driveway. For bright and out there colours opt for dying, for more earthy and neutral tones staining is the best option. These quick fixes are affordable, stylish and add value to any home.

grass 9

Dyed Green Concrete


Aggregate Concrete Driveways

If you want a more rustic and beachy look for your concrete driveway the fastest, cheapest and most effective way is to strip it back. Taking off the top layer of concrete exposes the rocks and pebbles that are mixed into the concrete. Alternatively you can create a aggregated concrete driveway from scratch choosing the colours of the stones. Aggregated concrete driveways are perfect for steep driveways or for areas that receive a lot of rain. The rough surface works as a non-slip surface for a safe and stylish driveway.


Aggregate Concrete


Stamped Concrete Driveways

If you like a more classic look for your driveway but don’t have the budget for brick or stone then stamping is the perfect solution. Stamping your driveway creates the look and feel of a more expensive driveway. Stamps are achieved by using stencils, molds and contrasting colours. Opt for a classic slate, wood, cobblestone or brick look in traditional colours or choose a more contemporary design with bright tones. Stamping is best done when laying new concrete by overlays can also be created.

driveway finish

Molded Concrete


For more concrete driveway ideas speak to your local landscaper or builder, the designs and colours are endless!

   Sep 05

What fence is right for your property?

Fencing is one of the fundamental investments that any home owner must consider. The market is flooded with fencing options in every material. Glass, brick, metal, bamboo, hedge, the list is endless. Whether you are wanting to install a fence yourself of are going to get in a professional the most important thing to consider is what is its main use going to be? Are you after privacy? Do you need to keep pets inside? Do you want a chic glass boarder for the pool? These are all things that need to be considered as well as the overall aesthetics of the fence. To help you out with choosing what fence suits you here is a list of the most common fences and the purpose they suit best.

Retaining Walls are structurally sound but are used more for landscaping needs then for fencing. Regardless they have made it onto my list because they are often used to outline boundaries on hillsides in more rural areas. They are created using metal, stone and come in a range of earthy colours. Retaining walls can be used as a boundary fence or used in suburban backyards to separate areas and provide stability.

Tubular Fencing is created by galvanised steel tubes it is cheap, stylish and simple. The tubes are spread out to allow for maximum light to get through. The fence is strong and secure but does not offer much privacy and is not ideal for pets. This is a great option for those in safe areas wanting to show off their garden and let natural light in.

Wooden Fencing is a classic look and popular choice for Melbourne residents. It is easy to install, fairly low maintenance and can come in a variety of finishes and heights. They are perfect for homes in suburbia and are good for privacy, protection and keep pets safe.

Colorbond has taken the fencing world by storm! It is a pricey option but is durable, weather resistant and reliable. The look is clean and crisp and Colorbond comes in 14 different colours. It won’t be tarnished by the sun, wind, rain or termites and looks good from both sides. It is great for both suburban and rural properties. Hedge Fencing The classic hedge is making a comeback and for good reason.

Hedge Fencing is coming back to the streets of Melbourne because it is a green option and doesn’t negatively impact the environment. Hedge fencing is beautiful, smells lovely, brings birds and butterflies to the yard and is great for screening. It is fairly high maintenance but you can hire a team to trim it for affordable prices.

Picket Fencing are more decorative than anything else. They are distinguished by their evenly spaced white vertical boards with ‘picketed’ tops. Originally used in cricket fields they were made of wood. Now they are used for domestic boarders and are created using PVC so they don’t require frequent painting. Picket fences are tall so are no good for big dogs but are great for keeping in kids and small dogs without blocking the view.

Rural Fencing includes wire, mesh, and electric fencing and runs the perimeter of a farm. It is usually not very nice to look at but serves the purpose of keeping cattle in and pests out.

Privacy Screens are generally used at the back of the house or near the front door and do not run the length of a property. They are great for cornering off areas stylishly, there are generally made from merbau which is a hard wood generally used for decking. Glass Fencing, no pool is complete without a safety fence. Glass fencing is stylish, chic and won’t affect the view.

Glass Fencing is durable and can come in frameless, semi-frameless of framed. The gates are usually also glass or tubular steel and are fitted with latches of self-closing hinges for safety.

Pet Fencing is used to either keep your pet in our out of an area. It is used around gardens for protections or used to create runs. It is becoming increasingly popular in Melbourne and usually is built with tubular fencing or picket fencing.

   Sep 02

Preparing Your Land Before Laying Turf

Welcome to DIY tips for preparing land before laying turf.  I received these tips from a tradie when I recently had my lawns re done!

There are several steps you need to take before laying turf, these steps are important to ensure the turf is laid flat, will drain well and can form new roots.


Clear Entire Area:

You need to make sure the entire area is free from debris and other obstacles that may get in the way of laying turf.  This includes rocks, tree stumps, stones, any garden utensils, rubbish and any organic matter.

turf 1

Leveling and Grading:

Ensuring that all the ground where you want to lay your turf is smooth and level is extremely important. You should ensure that you complete grading away from the building or your house or you may experience unwanted moisture within your home (which can lead to mold and mildew).  You will need to ensure that your slopes are not too steep as this will not allow appropriate drainage.

During the grading process you may find more debris or rocks which is necessary for laying your turf.

You will then need to go over your surface to flatten the area; this process is called ‘tiling soil’. By tiling your soil you will be able to prevent any weed growth and will improve water flow. However you should complete this process without rushing, as you want to be accurate. You should aim to till soil to about 6cm.

Also important to know is that you should complete this process only if the soil is dry, and warm. Moist soil will make tiling difficult and messy.

If you’re unsure whether you will be able to complete the grading process yourself you may have to hire a bobcat. You’ll find many companies will hire out bobcats for this specific service, or with ‘soil preparation’ as an actual service. If you choose to utilise professional help like I did it will ease the heavy lifting.

turf 3

Adding Topsoil:

Your next step is to then go ahead and add topsoil to the area. It’s important that you have about 11- 14 centimeters of topsoil (in depth). When you add topsoil you should utilise specific types of soil, such as loamy soil, sandy loam or those in between.

It’s important that you don’t stress too much about getting the right topsoil as you can adjust the soil with mixing others to get the right result. In order to get the right pH result with your soil you’ll need to complete a chemical soil test.

turf 2


It’s a good idea to add some finishing touches on the soil by going over the soil again with a hired bobcat or rake just to get the all the slopes corrected. Also you should go over the area with a lawn roller to get the soil firm before laying turf.

turf 4

If you’re only laying turf in small area then you should be able to complete the entire process with minimal tools. However if you’re planning on laying turf on an entire backyard, or sports field you will  need to hire out some equipment. With such a large surface area the tasks you need to complete may vary in quality and not present an all-round continuity. One of the most important things about preparing for turf is to have everything prepared in the same way, to ensure your results are not patchy or uneven.

If you need to hire out a bobcat for the job you can contact Matthew Ward Bobcats, they provide bobcat hire and more to a most of QLD.

   Aug 13

What’s What of Water Features

Your dream backyard isn’t complete without a beautiful water feature.  They are peaceful and calming and running water attracts guests and wildlife alike.  Listening or watching moving water is very appealing and a great way to distress.  If you are flirting with the idea of adding a water feature to your yard there are three main options.

Ponds or Streams:  Ponds and streams are a gorgeous way to add a peaceful water feature to you backyard.  They are natural looking and low maintenance, unlike a pool they don’t need regular cleaning and added moss and plant life only adds to the appeal.  Ponds and streams are a relatively small investment and have lots of variety.  You can choose a tropical garden lagoon with tones of blue and exotic plant life.  You can opt for a modern, clean-lined pond with minimalist features or go for a natural stream babbling over stones and plant life.  Ponds and streams are a great way to bring native birds and frogs into your yard and can also be used to home fish.  Once you have installed a pond you can think about adding koi and goldfish for an even more calming outdoor area.

Koi in a pond, image.

Koi in a pond, image supplied.

Fountain:  Fountains are just as calming and soothing as bubbling brooks, the sound is peaceful and they are fairly easy to maintain.  The hardest decision you have to make is what sort of fountain to choose.  The most common fountains are tiered or wall mounted but modern style fountains and Japanese style fountains are becoming more popular too.  Fountains come in an array of sizes and prices, speak to an expert to discover which one will suit your yard best.

Unusual 3 Tiered Water Feature

Unusual 3 Tiered Water Feature

Pool with waterfall:  No pool is complete without a gorgeous water feature.  It can be a subtle cherub squirting water or a predominant waterfall spilling over boulders into the pool.  If you are lucky enough to have a stunning view in your yard an infinity or vanishing edge is a must.  Pools are a little higher maintenance then the other options as cleanliness is a must.  But they are also the most enjoyable.  You can enjoy the pool by swimming in it, of course, but also by listening to your beautiful feature bubbling away.

pool 1

Subtle Side Waterfall


No matter which water feature you choose it will really bring your outdoor area alive.  The sound and sight of running water is so calming and beautiful that even the smallest fountain will make a difference to your area.  To make your water feature pop day and night add some lights in the water or at the base of the structure to illuminate the water, bliss.

With the right choice of materials, landscapers and plants you can have a water feature that looks at home in the backyard no matter what the architectural style.

   May 01

Brick Driveway Paving Tips and Details

If you have the desire to create your own brick paved driveway then you’ll need to ensure that you properly do your research and have all the right materials. Although the processes are fairly easy to conduct it’s extremely vital that you don’t miss any aspect. If you fail to complete one step then you can either ruin the driveway immediately, or produce one that isn’t sustainable. However the best part of being able to create your own driveway is the creative choice, you can design the paving work in whichever pattern you desire.If you don’t think you have the creative prowess or practical skills to completed this landscape project, sometimes it’s best to call in a professional.

You can find step by step processes for brick paving online, and from a variety of sources, but below is some vital information.

Paving Design Options:

Before beginning the process of building your brick driveway you’ll need to have a lot of thought surrounding the type of design. Paving work can be a standard look, or a very detailed creation, there is room to go both ways. However there is a set of more popular designs, and below are a few:

Stretcher Bond:

stretcher bond

90 Degree Herringbone:

90 degree herringbone

Stack Bond:

stack bond




As you can see there are many different patterns you can create when looking into brick paving. You can also mix up what type of colour bricks to use in the patterns.

Essential Tools Required:

If you want to ensure that you correctly create your driveway then you should be prepared with all the right materials. Some of the materials required will include:

  • Compactor
  • Bricks
  • Wooden Stakes
  • String
  • Crushed Stone
  • Course Sand
  • Edging
  • Water
  • Shovel
  • Straight piece of wood (for smoothing out sand application)

Important Process Notes:

  • It’s important that when you’re outlining the outside of your driveway that you ensure that you’re creating a slope effect. Drainage is an important aspect of paving a brick driveway, you need to ensure that water won’t threaten your home. With a slope effect the water will run away from the home, if accurately measured.  You can also include drainage channels on the outskirts of the driveway to ensure that drainage occurs efficiently.
  • When digging out the area where your paving work will sit you need to ensure that you’ve tackled removal of all vegetation or roots. If you don’t successfully take out roots and vegetation then you can risk the bricks changing in level as the roots change or grow. Although landscape cloth will assist in preventing weeds growing through.
  • At the end of the process make sure that you water down the bricks to remove any excess sand or soil, and to aid it in settling between the brick gaps.
  • In many cases the excavation of the area is completed by a landscaping contractor, which removes a lot less work for the DIY enthusiast. It’s important to consider your options when it comes to this aspect of the work.

driveway finish

There’s a lot to be excited about when you’re considering creating your own brick driveway with all the different designs available. However at the same time there are a lot of processes you need to accurately execute. If you want a new driveway for your home and are unable to complete the project yourself then there are local landscapers who can complete the job.

   Apr 23

Before You Hire A Skip Bin

Hiring a skip bin is the perfect option when you’re taking care of renovations or a major clean-up. Instead of undertaking various trips to the tip you can find an affordable business with a range of different skip sizes. In most cases people find that skip bin hire is a worthwhile investment, you just need to think about a few things before committing.

  • If you want to be an environmentally friendly community member than it’s worth looking into the recycling options of the skip bin supplier. You’ll find that most will have recycling options available for particular waste types. It’s important to look after environment at every opportunity you can, landfill doesn’t need to every piece of waste you need to get rid of.
  • Make sure you look at how the supplier calculates the charges for your hire. Mostly there will be charges for weight and in some cases it will cost extra for different materials. Some waste is not allowed in general waste skips and needs to be taken care of in an alternative manner (tyres, contaminated soil, chemicals, liquids and asbestos)


  • Some people may need to get rid of asbestos as part of their rubbish removal duties, but it’s important that you work out what the options are with different skip bin hire specialists. Some businesses will have specific bins allocated to asbestos and some will have a specific procedure to follow in regards to asbestos. Make sure you become familiar with their policy and ensure you’re making the right decision.
  • Before you book in for a skip bin hire service it’s wise to have an extended think about what you’re looking at disposing. If you’re undertaking a home clean up then you need to decide what materials will be able to go in your skip and what you may have to deal with in an alternative way.

skips 3

  • Fortunately most skip hire businesses have a wide variety of skip sizes. With the differing dimensions you can figure out the best size suitable for your job. If you’re cleaning up after some major demolition or work site waste then you will probably need a larger size.
  • Make sure that you have a suitable plan to get your bulk waste into the skips, whether you have a group of friends to assist, or some handy lifting resources. If you’re not already aware, the skip bin will have a fold down door that allows you to wheel, or drag anything into the bin. You must ensure that you don’t overload the skip that has been provided otherwise you will incur extra charges or the skip will not be picked up due to safety reasons.

As you can see there are some things to consider when hiring a skip, but they are not complicated in the least. Just take some time to do a little bit of research and get some quotes, you’ll find there is an option that will suit you. You can check out Skip Bin Hire Heidelberg- North Eastern Bins for a range of different skip options.



   Apr 16

Lawn Mower Types

Are you thinking about investing in a new lawn mower, or buying one for the first time? Maybe you’ve just bought a new property and have just realized your lawn maintenance work needs to be increased? Maintaining lawn requires both watering and trimming, but working out the most efficient way to trim your lawn can be difficult.

You also need to weigh up the cost and benefits of hiring a professional lawn mowing expert who can take the responsibility of your hands. If you know for sure that you simply won’t have the time required to keep your lawn in order then there’s no point wasting your money on a fancy new mower. However it might be the case that owning an average lawn mower is better than paying a professional on a regular basis.


If you want some basic information regarding the different types of mowers available on the market then below is a handy list:

Electric Lawn Mowers :

Electric lawn mowers are an Eco-friendly choice and run without much noise. Furthermore you’ll find that these types are on average an affordable option for most people. You’ll also find that there is hardly any maintenance required with an electric lawn mower, in comparison to gas types.

Corded and Cordless:

Electric lawn mowers come in both cordless and corded varieties. Corded types will limit your ability to tackle large areas but will provide consistent power the entire time you’re mowing. Your cordless option will not be as tricky to control because you won’t be connected by a cord, however you will need to ensure your battery is in good condition and charged appropriately.

Robotic Lawn Mowers:

If you’re looking for the highest form of technology and ease when needing to take care of mowing duties then you’ll find this option perfect. Unlike any other mower, you don’t need to do any physical work. As the name the suggests this type of mower functions as a robot and can be set-up to provide a perfect finish. It will even drive itself to the charging station when it’s running low! However because this piece of technology has the best functionality it comes at high prices, with minimal price difference between models.


Ride On Mowers:

Ride on mowers are quite popular for those who have a larger space of lawn to cover, rather than a standard backyard. In most cases it will have rear motor and single blade mowing deck. Instead of lugging a mower by pushing it around your property you get the luxury of sitting back in a chair and controlling all movement with your hands.

It does not have the strength of a lawn tractor but can still effectively trim large spaces of lawn, just ensure there aren’t too many obstacles to swerve around. Although they ride like go-cart, they have speed and movement limitations.

Tractor Lawn Mower:

In basic terms this type of mower vehicle is the upgrade to a basic Ride On Mower, the tractor lawn mower has more versatility. You would only need to purchase such a mowing vehicle if you have a very large property full of lawn, otherwise other options will certainly suffice.

Your major benefits of having a tractor lawn mower is that they can customised with a snowplow blade, work cart and other attachments. Furthermore they are comfortable to use on most terrain. Unfortunately you will need to pay high prices to own this versatile beast.

Push Reel Mower:

If you only own a small area of lawn that requires little trimming and maintenance then the push reel mower is probably a perfect fit for your requirements. Although it is not as effective when it comes to producing sheer results it is dependable to work sufficiently on smaller sections. Due to the fact it doesn’t require fuel to run it is both environmentally friendly and doesn’t need much maintenance.

push reel mower

Many people will consider this mower a bit dated and not really the ‘norm’ but it shouldn’t be written off just because of newer models. As you push the mower along the manual set of metal blades will roll and cut the grass, simple and easy.


As you can see there are many different types of lawn mowers available on the market, and you’ll also find there are many different brands. It might be confusing to tell what brand will suit your needs and so you should definitely engage in some additional research before committing to a particular type.







   Apr 14

Drip Irrigation Basics

If you’re new to gardening or landscaping then you may require some information on garden maintenance. Or perhaps you’re looking at expanding your garden with some more plantation?Either way it’s important to look at how you’re going to keep your garden or landscape in the best condition.

With differing climates throughout the country it’s vital that your watering plan is efficient and best suited to the locality. Irrigation systems or sprinklers are both common within most backyards, but finding the right type and quality is something many people find difficult.

If you have a small space to cover and are happy to regularly get out in the garden with a hose then you may find this a whole lot simpler than any other investment, but some people want more options. One watering system that’s growing in popularity is drip irrigation, known for it’s water saving benefits and consistent results.


How does drip irrigation work?

Drip irrigation can be a wise choice for landscaping needs. Although there are many types of drip irrigation systems and connections the basic premise is that the system slowly feeds water into the roots of your plants. Instead of blasting your plants with your garden hose this method allows a more subtle but effective management of watering your garden, as your soil won’t dry out.

How do you know what options are best for your garden?

When you’re looking at setting up an irrigation system you should ensure that you understand your landscape and area, which is difficult without a lot of research or assistance. Many people will seek the assistance with a professional when looking at introducing irrigation to the backyard, and sometimes the design can be created in conjunction with a professional.

Drip irrigation in particular will require assistance if you want to set up the system for a large space, as the connections, drip lines, piping and everything related will need a lot of planning. You may even need to re-arrange your garden in order to efficiently utilise an drip irrigation system, but it’s best to get some professional help if you can’t make sense of the information yourself.

Different plants will require different levels of watering, placement of drip lines reflect these requirements.

Drip Irrigation Options:

drip 2

Underground or Above Ground :

With drip irrigation (and all irrigation) there are types that are set up above ground, and also ones that are inbuilt beneath the ground. Below ground irrigation is a more expensive landscaping job than it’s above ground counter part.

Soaker Hose:

In it’s most basic form drip irrigation is found through the garden soaker hose, which is the cheapest and easiest to set up. However the soaker hose doesn’t allow for the personalization and effectiveness as inbuilt systems. Your soaker hose is placed above ground and can be moved around your garden as necessary.

Additional Features:

  • Controllers: in order to set up a personalised watering system you can include either a basic tap timer type, or a more complex controller that has more functionality.
  • Rain Switches: With this feature you can have the functionality to turn off the system when its raining to ensure you don’t over water the area.
  • Filters: As drip irrigation is prone to clogging filters should be used to ensure particles don’t get stuck and effect the amount of water seeping into the soil.


As you can see there is a lot to think about when considering the option of drip irrigation for your property, which is why it’s best to contact a professional landscaper or expert who can assist. However this information will be able to provide you a basis of understanding on the functionality of this irrigation system. If you contact Landscaping Fremantle-Paradise Down Under then you can discuss the options available to you when it comes to any irrigation set-up.




   Jan 30

Fencing Dilemma : Wrought Iron or Aluminium ?

If you’re looking at implementing a new fence to your property there are many different options available. However sometimes it’s hard to differentiate between particular types, especially when you’re dealing contradictory information.

Many people looking into fencing types often have difficulty deciding between wrought iron, or aluminum, as they can look very similar in some cases. It’s important that you have a basic idea regarding the differences, and benefits of both types.

Aluminium Fencing:

  •  Generally you’ll find that your aluminium fencing is low maintenance and weather resistant. Water and weather resistance is due to a specialised coating. You can count on the low rust and peeling of this particular type.
  • One of the downsides to this type of fencing is that it can still be damaged with enough force, and is known to be easily dented with any hard force.
  • A lot of people choose to use this make of fencing to place around the pool, as it can come in many different colours and is sturdy for pool safety.
  • Professionals and DIY specialists consider aluminium fencing to be relatively easy to install
  • You can easily repair parts of your aluminium fencing as it is flexible, and single panels can be replaced.
  • When selecting this fence type you can choose different finishes and decorative elements to add to your fence, however you’ll need to organise this with your fence provider (not all fence providers will do customised looks).

Styles Include:


This style is most common and the standard, it has a simple horizontal rail sitting over the panels. You’ll find that all fencing companies will have this basic style available.



Your Sierra style aluminium fencing is only a little bit different to the basic Floridian style. Instead of one horizontal rail sitting on the top, you have two, with a top section of the panels joint to both. Additionally you can also have other horizontal rails on the bottom section, depending on the particular style (and your choice).




Appalachian style aluminium fencing is simply an addition to the Sierra fence, with the panels surpassing the height of the second rail. Instead of the panel tip sitting between the two rails of the Sierra, the tips go beyond and end in a spike formation. If you want to stop anyone jumping over your fence, the spike tips of your fence will certainly deter any pests.



Wrought Iron Fencing:

Wrought Iron fencing is the type of old fashioned fencing you’ll find surrounding cemetery and industrial sectors. It’s extremely uncommon if you haven’t seen this type of fencing in your lifetime, as it is a popular choice. However with aluminum fencing styles mimicking the look of this fence structure there are many who choose to go with the lighter weight option.

  • Heavy and durable
  • Will last years without major damage
  • Presents a rustic look to your area
  • Little flexibility in terms of style and make
  • Due to it’s strong material and manufacturing process, it can be expensive
  • It’s the perfect security fence
  • Eventually the weather and rain will see it corrode and become rusted on the outer layer of the fence. However for many people the rust only adds to the vintage quality of the fence.

wrought iron


As you can see there are many benefits to both wrought iron fencing and aluminium fencing, it will depend on your circumstances to which choice you make. On cost alone most people will choose the many styles available in aluminum fencing, it’s flexibility is a winning attribute. However is money is of no concern and you would like a fence that will serve as a solid future investment, the wrought iron fence will definitely satisfy. Some property owners will even love the old-school style of the wrought iron.

Either way ensure you get accurate quotes from a few local companies and make a decision that will leave will without any doubts.